How to Root your HTC One X Android 4.0.3 using Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSU?

present world is expecting strong competition around the Android smart phones and with the giants like Apple and Samsung being a very strong competitors, the HTC Corporation, a Taiwanese mobile company has started a new era in between these competitors by introducing its new HTC One series. With the HTC company launching three new phones which are the HTC One V, HTC One X and HTC One S, only one made success and was a favourite among the technology reviewers, that one was the “HTC One X”.
The HTC mobile company has seriously focussed on its battery back-up management and with the improvement of “HTC sense 4.0 UI” in its new versions of mobile phones, the HTC One X stands tall and coming to android mobile lovers, they have started opting for the new HTC One X android mobile phone. With the HTC One X getting sold in large the Android Developers has been managed to Root this new HTC One X mobile Phone.
If you have owned the new HTC One X and wanted to know How to Root it by using Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSU (Super User), there is a simple step by step procedure to how to do it, given below:

How to Root your HTC One X Android 4.0.3 using Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery and SuperSU?

To do this you need the below things:

  • Your HTC One X android mobile.
  • A USB cable of your HTC One X handset.
  • And finally a Computer System i.e., a PC or a Laptop.
  • An SD – Card (memory card)

Now that you have them, here is a simple guide How you Root your HTC One X android 4.0.3 using the Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery and the SuperSU:
The First procedure is: You need to unlock the Bootloader of the HTC One X, to do that you need to firstly go to the HTC Bootloader Unlocking website and install it as given in the instructions in there.
Secondly: You need to go to the Android Developers website and download the full set up of Android SDK file to your PC and the install them.
Thirdly: Then finally the last two files that has to be downloaded are (1).Interim ClockworkMod(CWM) Touch Recovery, when downloaded this file, transfer it the “fastboot” folder in the Android SDK folder which is in your PC and CWM – Flashable version of the SuperSU, when this file is downloaded, save it in your SD Card.
Fourth: Connect your HTC One X device to your PC via USB. After doing this turn Off your device, when its Off, hold down the volume down button and power button simultaneously until your HTC One X boots into recovery.
Fifth: After doing the above, go to the start menu in the PC, select the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and type the following command carefully, the command is: “r1-modaco-recovery-clockworth-touch-endeavor.img”. Now that you have done that, the ClockworkMod Touch would have flashed successfully in your HTC One X device.
Sixth: Now turn on your HTC One X device and then turn it Off again and repeat the Fourth step and it will take you to ClockworkMod Recovery.
Seventh: After the above is done, take an android Backup of your HTC One X immediately.
Eight: Select the file SuperSU which is a zip file and which is in your SD – Card. And finally reboot your HTC One X, one last time.
After doing all these step by step procedure to How to Root HTC One X android 4.0.3 using the Flashing ClockworkMod and the SuperSU, your HTC One X is all successfully been Rooted. And further doubts you can check for SuperSU in your app drawer for whether it is properly rooted or not.

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