Is there a surprise from Google at the Google I/O 2012 event?

Is there a surprise from Google at the Google I/O 2012 event?

There are plenty of announcements to be made by Google at this year’s annual developer conference at the Google I/O which is going to take place in San Francisco in may be June 27 – 29.We have already guessed what is expected at the Google I/O event and if don’t know, no worries we are about provide the information to you all.

Google I/O 2012 – Google Latest Gadgets

One of the surprises is the Nexus 7 Tablet of the Google
We have already confirmed about the Google’s first Nexus brand tablet will be made by Asus a few weeks back and even about the Android tablet that is made of Asus too. With the leaks of Google’s and Asus’s Nexus 7 documents, which said it’s going be launched at the Google I/O this year. So this made the surprise a little unfair.
The Google Nexus7 tablet comes with a 7-inch display with NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip and with a friendly budget price ranging $199 to $249. This Google’s Nexus tablet can’t be rival of the iPad and not least of its versions, rather Google aims to adverse the tablet business that can do some harm to the Android tablet ecosystem.
With the Google approved Android versions, Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet priced around $199 was running on this version and was the best selling tablet in the electronic market. So this made everyone of the tablet makers go for Google’s approved android version.
The second would be Motorola Intel Devices with Google.    
We know that in May Google has already purchased Motorola and the Google-Motorola first smart phones will be available in the stores. Strangely about this Google Motorola devices there was no leaks mentioning them but we have already know Motorola hinted at CES 2012 that there will be a multi-device deal with the Intel. So assuming this we can expect Intel chips in Google Motorola smart phone devices in the future.
The star of the show will probably be the Nexus 7 of Google and it will update its future hardware plans and also mentioned was it won’t be providing full treatment to Motorola but still will be working on most of the android based Motorola devices.

Is there a surprise from Google at the Google I/O 2012 event?

The new Jelly Bean an Android next version
This Android Jelly Bean OS will be on the new Google’s Nexus 7 and it is the most talked word in the streets, that it is a successor of the present Ice Cream Sandwich. But the confusion is, “Is Jelly Bean an Android 5.0 or Android 4.1?” A leak tells us that it is going to be Android 4.1 is called as Jelly Bean, so this means it will be an update of the previous Ice Cream Sandwich android version not a fresh Android OS.
Google would love to see that people adopt the ICS on to their Android handsets and tablets, but currently only 7% ICS is running on the Android devices and most of the remaining still on Android 2.3 Gingerbread version. With the launching of Jelly Bean Android 4.1, the Android device makers can update their old versioned devices.
A Virtual Assistant called “Majel”
With the Apple launching Siri in last year October it challenged every mobile business makers to equal its voice based virtual assistant and come up with the best to beat it. So Samsung came up with “S Voice” in the Galaxy S3 and LG with a “Quick Voice”. In near future HTC is going to release its very own virtual assistant.
We are going to expect Google will launch its virtual assistant in its Android devices, and many reports say that a codename “Majel” will be the virtual assistant and if its true, it can be demoed at the Google I/O. Developers will feel free to use the assistant in their apps, guessing by this it can be unveiled in this week itself. Way to go Google.
3D and Offline Maps from Google
On June 7 few days ago from Apple’s WWDC 2012 developer’s conference, Google has hosted a special event on “Google Maps”, as the purpose was to make an early announcement and be the first to do it, and Google just did that by announcing an advanced 3D mapping system and even unveiled its Google Offline Maps but kept secret of mentioning the release dates, so expecting the Google products that we just know can be unveiled at this year’s Google I/O event.
Mobile Payments using Google Wallet 2.0
A top three U.S. carriers are trying to sort out its mobile payment solution and even found one called the “ISIS” and with the Microsoft launch it’s Wallet Hub on its new Windows Phone 8 devices, Google is certainly not backing away as it is also set to release it’s very own “Google Wallet 2.0” at this year’s Google I/O event 2012.
Android at Home and Everywhere
The Android OS is not just available on smart phones and tablets also can be used in other activities too. At this year’s Google I/O the Android giant is all set to reveal the full details of its plans that relate the Android to be the other part of our lives, which are as work, home and other things or purposes. Hope these apps make our present life just easy.
Cloud Service called Google laaS for Enterprises
The Microsoft and the Amazon, with their cloud services the Azura of Microsoft’s and EC2 of the Amazon’s are going to be challenged by the Google’s “laaS”, an Infrastructure Service, where it would allow companies renting virtual servers or a storage space kind of thing, but not a big deal to end-users but certainly we would appreciate the laaS offers. This Google laaS for Enterprises will also be unveiled at this year’s Google I/O.
The Offline Google Drive
Talking about cloud computing for enterprises, at this Google I/O, Google comes up with an idea called Google Drive Offline as it is a much awaited product for the present Google’s regular consumers of the online services.
The Project Google Glasses
We have already seen a demo of the Google’s Project Glass and it become an important product for the top executives of Google and is also being paired along with the future Android devices. This Google‘s Project Glass will take you to a virtual reality level, letting you experience a future technology and can expect this at the Google I/O event 2012.
An OS and a Browser from Chrome
Chrome Browser is one of the best internet browsers and has put up a good challenge in the race of the top browsers, but Chrome OS is way behind the Microsoft’s Windows and even the Apple’s X in the desktop environment. Google certainly has no plans to scrap its Chrome OS and or even not merge it with the Android. The updates will be available of the Chrome OS and even the Chromebooks too. 
We will get this Chrome’s latest update in the Google’s I/O event of 2012.
The long awaited Google TV
Mr. Eric Schmidt in last year 2011 announced that Google TV would be the coolest TV by this year’s summer, but it didn’t happen. This Google TV product might be a very important product for Google as it can be an another revenue generating idea. And out there is a real tough competition in TV market and Google want to revolutionize by introducing the Google TV to the consumers and not behind is the Apple’s own rumoured iOS HDTV.
So, we may expect in near future of Google vs Apple TV business battle. In this year’s Google I/O we may get the overall details of the Google TV, we hope it impresses you.
Available of Larry Page
Larry Page, CEO of Google is down with some health issues and will not make it at Google I/O 2012 event, the reports say. Not revealing about his full details of health issues, Google just put up a word of his un-availability. This secret topic reminds us of the great “Steve Jobs” who had the same health issues.
Hope Mr. Page gets well and makes it to the Google I/O and makes his Android developers and fans of the Search Giant happy.
The Android Pinterest App
For Google this topic is not so interesting as it has its own social network with the help of other web are trying to market it. But the rumour is the Android app will be announcing its official launch at this Google I/O 2012 and will be great for its Android users, who are active till now can show some more love for this Pinterest Android app worldwide.

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