Microsoft Windows 8 Vs Apple iOS 6 Vs Google Android Jelly 4.1 Bean Comparison

Most of us largely spend our time looking and customizing our smart phone Home Screens, making it more adorable for example like navigating the piles of icons, the widgets or arranging our apps and more over some home screens of devices like the Android or the iOS or any Windows flavoured, have tiles like icons where you can adjust their sizes too.

Windows 8 Vs iOS 6 Vs Android Jelly Bean

Looking at the Apple’s iOS home screens they have given us an option for customizing everything and this made smart phone makers realize simple app’s are now not a big market anymore and for the likes of Samsung and the HTC, customising their Androids will certainly make a difference and even Google has been improving its home screens and not far behind is the Microsoft with its new home screen stock, live tiles.
So, let’s see how these three giants, the Apple’s iOS 6, the Google’s Android 4.0, 4.1 and the Microsoft’s WP8 the smart phone market industries differ from each other. Yet to be released in public, a change between now and the software available will differentiate. But still let’s compare these latest versions for now, so are you ready then?
Firstly let’s see the iOS 6
This Apple’s iOS versions are the oldest compared to all the three top smart phones and it not only on just the iPhone but also in the iPad tablets. From 2007 year to till now Apple didn’t change largely its Home Screen. We know that it’s a bit harsh on the Apple’s developers but the truth is with out any major changes to its Home Screen its not a very big deal. In this unreleased iOS 6 the notifications are updated and are similar to the Notification Center of the Android, in where notifications can be turned On or off but with two new buttons. One of these two buttons gives quick access to users for sending or updating their status on the Twitter or the Facebook and other keeps to appraise your friends updates them what you are doing presently and is a “tap” away from your Apple iOS 6.
Whatever app or browser or any of the application page you are on the Apple iOS, the four standard icons are always seen and be present on the dock. More over moving and dropping the icons to similar folders, like putting all your gaming apps to one gaming named folder even keep all the social network apps in a single folder.
The Apple’s iOS is stubborn to not change its look for about a few years now and is missing updates that are important and like the Window Phone 8 arriving with colourful tiles and concept of live tiles is something for iOS to argue for it being little out dated. But compared to sales its not harming them and well WP’s market sale is not much, right?
About the Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean 4.1
Present Android version running is the Ice Cream Sandwich as it is the shiniest and the newest in top selling market. But, with the announcing of the new Android called the Jelly Bean set to be released at the Google I/O event. The Androidhas a collection of lots of icons in its home screen as similar to the iOS version, but android differs the ability of adding widgets to the home screen. Still has the ability where you can addthe weather notifications or the clocks or quick access of media streams or controlling your music too. There are tons of android widgets that suit your needs.
A feature that was first developed by Android was the pull-down drawer, where it shows and hosts your notifications, but the iOS version has it too and is slightly smarter compared to the android version. Arranging different icons and almost customizing your whole smart phone is just made easy for the users by the Android giving it a different home screen experience. Something either the iOS or the Windows Phone owners can do to their smart phones.

Microsoft Windows 8 Vs Apple iOS 6 Vs Google Android Jelly 4.1 Bean Comparison

Finally let’s see about the Windows Phone 8, here we go then,
Fingers are crossed by Microsoft and Nokia as they are hoping their new Windows 8 Phone can be a hit for the users as it has been updated to a Windows Platform as the Nokia’s giant put all their chips in this Microsoft version, with backing its hardware up.
With the new “Live” tiles where customers can move or resize its tiles and one more thing is its all done on one screen of the Windows 8 Phone, giving users a different kind of home screen experience, like displaying one massive recent emails live tile, without even launching an app. With the whole new live tile experience by the Windows Phone 8 providing fancy images, updated data’s and new colours giving a live feel to the users. So, it can be a bit busy as live update on your live tiles of your home screen of the WP8 giving an “online” feel so if that’s a problem then its your choice and your money, so, you have options to select one of the best.
So the choice of Selecting the best, then let’s Wrap-up.
We have provide the comparison and you have the options, so just selecting a fancy and adorable home screen display is now not a single option and with favourite user platform options too, choosing the iOSAndroid or Windows Phone will be tough as even the hardware as well as the community support puts a good smart phone platform. With the Icons on the home screen helping for sure and if all the threecombined together can make one winner rather carrying all the three phones one at a time.

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