Project Glass – Close to reality by Google Glasses, Video & Review

Project Glass – Close to reality by Google Glasses, Video & Review

Project Glass, Google’s augmented reality glasses, has released an impressive video of these Google Glasses. On seeing the video itself, has made us to buy those Glasses immediately.
What does Augmented reality means? Well it is a concept of overlaying or altering what we see. On wearing these Google Glasses you can watch a video without ever titling your head and more over reading news on the go is more comfortable. Wow, this is amazing right. Well the concept is going to be demonstrated by this end of the year by Google.

Project Glass - Close to reality by Google Glasses, Video & Review

Project Glass – Google Glasses

We have listed some of its features that will be on the Google Glasses, as per the video on Google augmented Glasses. Here are some of them below:
Well how will this going to Work?
One of the members of the Project Glass team, named Babak Parviz has developed contact lens, in which pixels are inserted in them. It could be a daily wear contact lens, where a Near Field Communication system is built in the housing above the right eye of the frame, as seen in the images, it sends video signals wirelessly. Each day could be a very interesting start, with the contact lens with pixels in it is used by the Project Glasses. 
In the video of the Project Glasses, the wearer looks away from whatever is happening before him. May be the small hole on the right eye housing of the frame, is the camera and takes images in front of your eye. If this does that, with glasses responding to eye gestures is a great technology at present. It should be a sensor or a camera directing directly to your eyeball to detect the gestures.
In the images, we don’t see one thing that is the audio? May be there’s a hidden ear piece or might be in the housing on the right eye of the Google Glasses, but if it doesn’t have them then the conservations cannot be kept private. How about a Bluetooth headset? But seeing the Google Glasses being very thin, there can’t be more space available for it and also how about the Battery too? How can it be charged?
Available Features as per the video showed are:
Seeing the video is very exciting but we cannot get any closer hands on the Google Glasses, but will demonstrate as if you are really seeing it closely.
Using only his head gestures, the wearer Checks In the food truck while standing with his friend. The other feature is the Video Calling, it’s amazing to see the wearer transmitting the video to his girlfriend and she is seen on a smaller image at the bottom of the screen. It cannot be at that high quality video but will differ in original. Before that he gets the call first, from his girlfriend, where he tells the Google Glasses to stop the music from playing further, but was a surprise as we thought it was the background music that was playing.
In the start of the video of about Google Glasses, we see he gets to know about his calendar with appointments and present events in it, even gets the messages displayed and replied, it’s really amazing right. But the voice command is ok, but will it understand the exact pronounce in traffic or in crowds?
On further, the Google Glasses wearer takes a picture of a graffiti art on the move by a voice command, but sources say that it might have a button to take pictures. And he also shares them on to his “all my circles”. Finally it displays the Google map direction too, awesome right.
So, do you want these amazing Google Glasses? And are you willing to put on contact lens with pixels in it? Will you be ashamed for wearing weird glasses like this? But has a different kind of style, like people wearing these kinds of glasses in a fantasy movie. If the Project Glasses of Google releases them we be very excited of its price range and are you excited to get them? 

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