Rooting Motorola Xoom Android Tablet, How to root Motorola Xoom Tablet

The market is full of new and emerging smart phones and with the tablet technology raising with its advance features and specs, is giving people options of opting the tablet over a largely built computers, making it easy to access from anywhere to the people.
We have seen a lot of tutorials on How to Root some various smart phone devices over the Internet, but there is some difference in How you Root your Tablet and we will be showing you How to Root the Motorola Xoom the Wifi version android tablet in this tutorial with not so confusing step by step procedure.

Rooting Motorola Xoom Android Tablet, How to root Motorola Xoom Tablet

First things first, to know How to Root your Motorola Xoom, you need these below first:
–   Make sure your Motorola Xoom Wifi version is atleast having more than 50% battery charged.-     Then you need to Backup your data.-  Now go to settings > development > tick the USB Debugging option to enable the USB debugging.-    Have your USB cable check whether it’s working or not using your PC or a laptop.
So, when you have done that, let’s move onto the step by step procedure to How to Root your Motorola Xoom Android tablet.
Procedure One:Firstly you need to download the Superuser Kit and also download the ClockworkmodRecovery image from the internet and then after the download is finished rename your ClockworkMod Recovery image to recovery.img.
Two: Take the USB cable and connect to your Motorola Xoom android tablet and your PC or a Laptop.
Three: With the Superuser kit and ClockworkMod Recovery downloaded to you PC or a Laptop, copy these two files to a SD card of your Motorola Xoom android tablet.
Four: When the copying is finished Disconnect your Motorola Xoom device from your PC or the Laptop.
Five: Make sure you Power Off your Motorola Xoom device and then Power On it, so that you are in the FastBoot Mode.
Six: After doing that connect your Motorola Xoom device to your PC via your USB cable.
Seven: Go to Windows start menu > Run > type cmd and you will be in the command prompt window and carefully type the below text:“fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”After entering the above text in your command prompt, your Motorola Xoom device will be flashed with the recovery.img and will reboot itself.
Eight: After your Motorola Xoom device successfully flashed, disconnect it from your PC. Now that you have installed successfully the ClockworkMod Recovery, Power Off your android tablet.
Nine: It might be frustrating, but you need to Power On your Motorola Xoom device into Recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Down, doing this you will be seeing your Motorola Xoom displaying the Motorola Logo.
Ten: After this happens, you will be directed into recovery mode option, in that you need to select the “Flash Zip from SD Card” option and from selecting it you will be asked to select “Choose Zip from SD Card” option and finally select the “Superuser Kit”.
Eleven: When you are done with the selections, the Superuser is already installed on your Motorola Xoom device and is ready to use.
Twelve: The Final step is to just reboot your Motorola Xoom android 4.0.3 Tablet.
Well, now that you have finally finished Rooting your Motorola Xoom tablet, you should be having the root access to your Android Tablet with the WiFi version on it.
This Rooting for Motorola Xoom was a very had nut to crack but thanks to the Android Developers that made this Motorola Xoom android 4.0.3 Tablet root.  

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