The New Galaxy S3, sparking out – Samsung Galaxy S3 fire melts case and cannot be re-used

The now famous Samsung Galaxy S3 which is the hottest Samsung phone, selling like hotcakes and with its cool features and specs is in top of the lists of current smart phones. This Android phone has made a good impact in the current market and put up a good reputation. But the latest recorded fire incident of the hottest selling Android Galaxy S3 has made this handset too hot to handle.

The New Galaxy S3, sparking out - Samsung Galaxy S3 fire melts case and cannot be re-used

This Fire incident made by Galaxy S3 android handset was reported by an online magazine report called Engadget. The report was that the owner of the android Galaxy S3, who is from UK, saw his Galaxy S3 smart phone sparking white flames with a small bang followed and making its features dead and all this happened with the Galaxy S3 placed in his holster (it’s a smart phone carrier, like a mobile case or a purse kinda), but to his surprise the display was still working.
The owner of the Galaxy S3 then sent his smart phone for repair to the Carphone Warehouse, it’s a local UK based retailer for various handsets. This incident by the Galaxy S3 sent an alarm to the Samsung investigating team and they are already on it. This is the first incident from the new Galaxy SIII that has raised questions, whether to buy it? And is it safe to use their new Galaxy S3 smart phones?
The investigating team has told that it is safe to use the Galaxy SIII smart phones and they are seriously handling the issue came from the new Galaxy S3 owner and further details of the incident made by the Galaxy SIII smart phone owner will be clarified and Samsung has cleared that they provide products that are safe to its customers.
Have you noticed that this is not a new incident that is caused by the current smart phones in the market and you need not be much worried and by the way the owner of the Galaxy S3 incident is not harmed by it. Samsung Galaxy SIII which was lately released in UK in May was selling largely, since then there were no such incidents or any reports of troubled Galaxy S3 unit by the way. Did you notice any problems? Have you heard or experienced any trouble, like over heating, sparks coming out or dead features, of this new Samsung Galaxy S3

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