“The Next Apple iPhone-iPhone5-will put Galaxy S3 to Shame”, said by Foxconn CEO. Is it true?

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 being the top seller in market at present, is making other smart phone makers nervy. As of Foxconn’s CEO, Mr. Terry Gou saying, “Apple’s next iPhone will put Samsung’s Galaxy S3 to shame”, not very impressive words from the world’s largest Electronic Component’s maker.
Why Mr.Gou stated that statement, does he corners the Samsung makers or does he not support them because they, the Samsung makers had a snitch at the EU price-fixing scheme of the four Taiwanese display makers? But, in the meanwhile the hush-hush made by Mr.Terry was side lined by the Samsung makers as they are busy enjoying the success of the new Galaxy S3 being sold out in large numbers.
Even though nobody knows what’s the stories happening inside the Foxconn industry, may be that’s the reason Mr.Terry Gou fired a sleepy bullet that fell asleep before hitting the Samsung makers?
He may be giving statements against the successful Samsung and praising the Apple giant, but people need to know that Foxconn assembles Apple industry’s Smart phone, the iPhone and its latest addition, the iPad. Its may be good for his business and to Apple’s business too and vice versa. While the new Galaxy S3 stealing the spot light and making a good impact against the iPhone’s last addition can be a little un-smart words said by the Foxconn CEO Mr.Terry Gou

“The Next Apple iPhone will put Galaxy S3 to Shame”, said by Foxconn CEO. Is it true?

    If the given statement told by Mr.Terry GouCEO Foxconn is true or not, were the next iPhone can really putGalaxy SIII to shame or not? It can be a true imagination but the facts say that even if the next iPhone, whether it may be the version 5 or 6 is better than the present Samsung Galaxy SIII, it will be too hard for the Apple’s next iphone to gain that market that present Galaxy S3 has setup.
But technically there are not much difference between the Apple’s iPhone 4S and the new Samsung Galaxy S3,  as the new iPhone may opt for quad core processor as the new Galaxy S3 is using, the Samsung’s GPU stands top compared to the Apple’s GPU but was beaten by the iPad 2. Even if the next Apple’s iPhone is upgraded with similar GPU that Samsung Galaxy S3 presently has, it will be under – clocked, just like the present iPhone 4S. So let’s see whether Apple makes Mr.Gou’s statement true.
Even if the next iPhone appears or gets launched there will be new advanced devices like the plethora of Nexus to put up a strong challenge. The Nexus devices from Samsung that launches Exynos 5250, there will be no competition as the CPU will be twice fast as compared to iPhone latest and the GPU of Apple’s will be beaten easily by the Mali T604.
Whatever the Competitors say or put up negative statements, have the Galaxy S3 and wait and see if Mr.Gou might be true if iPhone latest brings a good surprise package, but also keep an eye on the Samsung ‘s Nexus devices might be a good clash between it and the next iPhone (iPhone 5).

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